DECEMBER'S international ttts awareness month

International TTTS Awareness Month

In December, we shine a light on the fight against twin to twin transfusion syndrome and forms of TTTS including TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP.  International TTTS Awareness Month, including  World TTTS Awareness Day December 7, World TAPS Day December 8th, World SIUGR Day December 9th and World TRAP Awareness Day December 10th was founded by The TTTS Foundation as an collaborative effort around the world to increase awareness and educate the public of the risks of being pregnant with monochorionic twins, triplets and higher multiples and directing them to The TTTS Foundation for immediate help and information about their pregnancies.  We encourage you to look through our site to learn more!  During December:

  • Every day, we will feature a family reading a fact about TTTS, including TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP and will post them at our official Facebook Page at where you can like, comment and share the posts spread awareness all around the world.  
  •  Volunteer your time to be a ‘sharer’ and  watch for the video to be posted and share them and other informational graphics on your personal page.  With your help, we should reach our goal of 500,000 people, but in 2023 we are trying for a million.
  • Change your Facebook Frame for December and share your babies story.  You can post your picture at and we will reply with a custom frame or send us your picture at  We have Awareness Day frames also.


December 2023

Once a year we sell our FIGHT shirts and hoodies in all sizes from infants to adults.  Help us raise awareness and funds to FIGHT TTTS, TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP.  

Below you will learn the importance and description of the
Official Ribbon and Daisy Logo of The Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

THE OFFICIAL RIBOON for ttts taps siugR trap

Awareness Ribbon

The Official Awareness Ribbon is baby blue because we are fighting for the day after the storm, when the sky turns blue and all the babies will survive and be healthy and thrive like daisies flourishing in a field. We will not settle for less.

The Official TTTS, TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP Awareness Ribbon is baby blue as a symbol of hope for a cure, a promise for a cure and a promise kept as Mary is keeping her promise to her sons.

When you wear this ribbon, you are wearing the love for the babies over your heart and the hope and promise kept for a cure. It is all about the babies not the disease. The fight against TTTS, including TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP is ongoing and will not end. The fight, one day, will be won. We want peace. With God’s help and direction, we will get it.

To honor, love, and remember our babies, we wear baby blue over our hearts with two or three or more daisies representing how two or three babies or more come from one and are forever eternally together as one.

Two or more babies. One ribbon. One hope for a cure. One promise kept.

daisy logo

Two From One

The TTTS, including TAPS, SIUGR, and TRAP logo is two daisies coming from one stem.  This could be drawn with 3 daisies for triplets and more.  The logo is symbolic to show identical twins and the babies holding hands through the petals.  Daisy babies are any baby that has gone through TTTS, including TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP. We focus on the babies, not the disease.  We FIGHT the disease, but will not wear it over our heart or give it any other color than the blue representing the day after the storm when all babies will live and thrive and be healthy.

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome is a powerful disease, but it's not stronger than a mother's love.