Father's Day

father's day fundraiser

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To us, a Father of Daisy Babies is a DAISY DAD and the strongest dad out there — he has been through the unimaginable experience of TTTS, including TAPS, SIUGR or TRAP, which sometimes includes tragic loss of life — yet he is still persevering, dedicated to his family and loves his children. He is KIND, LOVES HIS CHILDREN FOREVER and is a STRONG, FIERCE, DEPENDABLE, COURAGEOUS, DETERMINED PROTECTOR.

Show your support for the FATHER OF DAISY BABIES and DAISY DAD in your life by ordering a shirt or hat for yourself, your husband, your father, or another loved one who’s been through this devastating experience.

Special Events

International TTTS Awareness Month

To shine a light on the fight against twin to twin transfusion syndrome, a disease of a share placenta where thousands of identical twin babies receive unequal amounts of blood during pregnancy and can both go into heart failure.  December’s International TTTS Awareness Month, including World TTTS Awareness Day, World TAPS Awareness Day, World SIUGR Awareness Day and World TRAP Awareness Day was founded by The TTTS Foundation as an collaborative effort around the world to increase awareness and educate the public of the risks of being pregnant with monochorionic twins and triplets and directing them to The TTTS Foundation for immediate help and information about their pregnancies.

Special Events

Awareness Month

December is International TTTS Awareness Month including World TTTS, TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP Awareness Days December 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th.  Landmarks around the world light blue and families courageously share their stories every day of the month.  Candles are lit for all the babies that have gone through TTTS, including TAPS. SIUGR and TRAP