Letter to Parents — Diagnosed with TAPS

Diagnosed with TAPS

A Letter to the Parents

Being pregnant with monochorionic twins is so extra special that your babies just need extra special care.  This is so important to remember and tell yourself, because your pregnancy can become very medical.  Remember, your babies need extra special care, because they are so extra special.

You may be having extra appointments, being on bed rest and a number of other issues feeling upset that other pregnant moms are having showers and working up to delivery.  It is very hard, but having multiples is such a miracle and gift and you are not alone.  We are here for you!

In addition to TTTS, there is a risk to a mom pregnant with monochorionic twins called TAPS or twin anemia polycythemia sequence.  As you will read below, TAPS is a chronic form of TTTS where there is an imbalance of the red blood cells between the babies not a volume of blood imbalance as with classic TTTS.

Below are precious pictures of babies Summer and Lee treated for TTTS with laser surgery on the placenta and born with severe TAPS and Summer and Lee today.  They are safe and at home with their parents after being treated in the NICU.

TAPS is a silent killer, but our voices save lives.  The TTTS Foundation is dedicated to educate you and empower you in your pregnancy to fight for excellent and frequent  monitoring of your babies so as to rule out TTTS, including TAPS, or diagnose it and help you get the treatment they need immediately, as we did for baby Summer and Lee.