Letter to Parents —
Diagnosed with SIUGR

Diagnosed with SIUGR

A Letter to the Parents

First of all, congratulations! I bet you haven’t felt the typical excitements of pregnancy because you have been consumed with fears of the unknown. Remember that, although this may not be the journey you thought you would have, you have been chosen to be a parents to a spectacular set of babies. 

I am the SIUGR coordinator of the TTTS Foundation and have gone through what many of you are going through. I felt the same fears, frustrations and worries. I had 2-3x weekly ultrasounds, several echocardiograms, two MRIs and the laser ablation surgery at 17 weeks. I remember the sinking feeling of an SIUGR diagnosis and the helplessness without the ability to intervene. 

During our pregnancy, I tried to remain as optimistic as possible. I read stories of women who delivered premature babies who were healthy. I followed families who were going through similar pregnancies. Our prognosis was grim but I visualized a day where I would have two healthy babies in my arms.

I am happy to share that after a difficult pregnancy, we delivered 2 healthy baby boys at 3lbs 13oz and 1lb 4oz. My 30 week micropremies are now silly toddlers running around our house talking up a storm. I encourage you to educate yourself on TTTS and SIUGR, learn about questions to ask during your appointments and advocate for your family.  Keep hope in your heart; we at the TTTS Foundation are here for you!