Loss of All

Loss of all

A Letter to Parents

We are so deeply sorry for your loss. Twin to twin transfusion syndrome is such an evil disease. It does not care who it hurts and only affects those that want their babies more than anything in the world. We want you to know that we will never stop fighting it and we will honor your babies in doing so.

Everyone in The TTTS Foundation has experienced twin to twin transfusion syndrome with all different outcomes. Those of us that have experienced the loss of our twins or triplets, are ready to talk with you and let you know you are not alone. Maybe you are feeling guilty, don’t know how to get through certain days, or don’t know what to say back to those that hurtfully say, “At least you have your husband or you can try again.”  Maybe you just can’t get out of bed in the morning and you need to know that ‘neither could we’. We have been there and can help you. You are not alone.


Please contact us to join our private Facebook Group for the Loss of both (for triplets too).  We also have a very special bereavement package that we can mail to you. 


What to Say to Your Family and Friends

Your twins were meant to be or you would never have become pregnant with them.

It is very important to tell others to acknowledge them both.

Say to them:  “Acknowledge the birth of our twins.

They have passed away, but live in our hearts forever.

Please say their names, please let us talk about them, and please always remember them.”

Let others know that they can never fully understand the depth of your sorrow.

Say to them, “If you love me, then trust me… that this is what I need from you. It is not about what others think is best for me.” Ask them to listen. It is a matter of trust.

You are Still a Mother of Twins

A Mother’s Love, by KLS

I didn’t have to look into your eyes
to fall in love with you.
I didn’t need to hear you cry
to know you loved me too.
I didn’t need to hold your hand
to cherish you for always.
Within my womb, we shared our hearts.
You touched my soul.
You sweetened my spirit.
You gave me memories I’ll always hold dear.
Yes. My heart aches since you departed too soon.
But a mother’s love does not end with death.
For you are my child.
Forever my love is yours.


A Christmas Miracle

A documentary from The TTTS Foundation about 5 woman from Ireland and the United States and their 10 babies who were diagnosed with TTTS and sadly passed away. The riveting story of their emotional journey in grief and how that lead them to an ongoing 14 year friendship and the trip of a lifetime.
An emotional must see 51 minute and 47 second story where you will come to know each mom, share your tears with them and gain wisdom and strength and courage, in fact, you will come to understand how you have had it all along if you too are a bereaved parent.
For anyone affected by TTTS or to gain compassion and empathy for multiple birth loss, you must watch this entire documentary. Their story had be told. It is a Christmas Miracle to be shared all year long. We are so grateful for the mothers who shared their babies. We are honored to help share their story with the world and are blessed to know them and their babies.

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The Prayer, sung by Father and Daughter Matt and Savanna

The Lord will never leave us nor forsake us
He promised He’d be with us through it all.
It often seems He’s walking right beside us,

As he guides us through our problems large and small.
But, there are times we just can’t feel His presence,
When the road’s so rough, we need Him all the more. 

We wonder why we’re so alone and helpless,
Why His hand’s not there to lead us as before..But if we listen quietly, He’ll tell us,

“Take a moment and remember what I said:
If you fail to see me walking right beside you,
It’s because I have you in my arms instead,
For together, we will cross the highest mountain,
Together we will face the stormy sea,
You never are alone, you’re never helpless!
I’ll carry you,
let go and lean on me.”

He is with you…even in this time of sorrow
too deep for words.

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome is a powerful disease, but it's not stronger than a mother's love.