"It is an honor to provide support and comfort to families in great crisis and sorrow"

I am a college student with the goals of a degree in business and a Masters in Divinity.  I dedicate my life to Jesus Christ and providing help and compassion to others in His name.  

I have grown up watching TTTS, including TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP devastate families with insurmountable loss.  As I grieve to loss of my own brother Steven, my heart breaks for other families as well.

As a board member to The TTTS Foundation, I take our job extremely seriously to make decisions to achieve our mission throughout the year focusing on strengthening the organization and helping families across the world.  

I know that God has blessed The TTTS Foundation from the moment my mother promised my brothers that they would known and remembered.  As a family that this disease has affected forever, we are committed and dedicated to doing all we can to end it.