Foundation Programs and Services

When  A Diagnosis Has Been Made

The Foundation provides immediate and lifesaving educational, emotional and financial support for families at-risk and diagnosed with TTTS, including TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP via our e-mail correspondence, website, social media, phone conversations, parent to parent connections, parent to specialist connections, and generalist to specialist connections.  We have all experienced TTTS and follow and assist families from diagnosis to delivery and after birth.

Circle of Care

We provide grants to financially needy families get to treatment to try to save their babies and grants for bereavement, bed rest, nutritional support, NICU travel expenses and more.

Medical Advisory Board

The Foundation has a group of medical specialist that are able to answer questions that families may have regarding TTTS including TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP and treatments. View our board members.


This program helps parents whose twins need the extra special care of a high-risk nursery. Educational and emotional support is provided and NICU care packages are given.

Special Needs

This program provides education, emotional support and financial aid guidance for families with children affected by cerebral palsy and other neurological, developmental and physical disabilities.

Compassionate Deliveries

Emotional support is provided for multiple birth loss during pregnancy (as the pregnancy continues), at birth (to gather keepsakes of all the babies and keep the status of parents of twins or higher multiples honored), during a NICU stay, and/or after the babies are brought home. A special booklet is available to aid parents planning for a delivery with a loss, and for medical professionals to use as a guide. Special Foundation bereavement care packets are also mailed.

Placental Analysis Protocol

Assists pathologists in obtaining relevant data and to confirm TTTS, including TAPS, SIUGR and TRAP.