mother to dominick and damian

"Mary has selflessly made herself available to families fighting for their babies. I make this same commitment and being a source of optimism during a challinging time and support to those in crisis.

 I received my Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training from Boston University and my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York Medical College. I began my career in physical therapy at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia Medical Center in New York City in 2013 and have been there ever since. I have experience treating patients on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. In the outpatient setting I have treated adults with a variety of musculoskeletal impairments as well as neurological disorders. On the inpatient side, I have experience treating patients on the orthopedic, neurology, oncology, medical and surgical floors. As a student, I gained experience treating pediatric patients which served me well when our twins were born prematurely. As a mother of preterm babies, I am a strong advocate for Early Intervention services and believe it makes a remarkable difference in infant development. My background in the medical field gave me a greater ability to advocate for my twins during our complicated pregnancy. You may feel overwhelmed by your recent fetal diagnosis, but we are here to support you! Keep the hope alive; we look forward to helping you.