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December is International TTTS Awareness Month

December is International twin to twin transfusion syndrome awareness month. It is a very special month to honor babies including the most precious birth of Jesus Christ. It is also the month the Founder, Mary, gave birth to her twins December 7, 1989. It is a month of expression of love to our families and is the official month now to promote TTTS awareness as we continue to fight for babies and keeping families together.

There are a number of activities we have to promote awareness and many ways that you can help.

For more information please contact the foundation at 1-800-815-9211 or 440-899-8887 or via e-mail at

"The enclosed donation is just a small way of saying thank you for helping to bring our boys safely and healthily into the world. We plan to make an annual donation at the time of the babies' birthdays."

Shana and Dave

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This is a fantastic and easy way to support the fight against TTTS and bring help and hope to families
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Learn about TAPS- MUST do MCA dopplers on all pregnancies

A form of TTTS, TAPS can occur after laser surgery or during a monochorionic pregnancy with no signs of TTTS or problems.
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Updated List of Questions

Questions to Ask at Every Ultrasound. Ultrasounds Must Be Weekly Starting at 16 Weeks.
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World Awareness Day - Dec. 7 2010

TTTS Walk for the babies

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