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How Am I Going To Do This?
...God Will Carry You

The Lord will never leave us
Nor forsake us,
He promised He'd be with us through it all.
It often seems He's walking right beside us
As He guides us through our problems,
Large and small.
But there are times we just can't feel His presence,
When the road's so rough,
We need Him all the more.

We wonder why we're so alone and helpless,
Why His hand's not there to lead us as before...
But if we listen quietly, He'll tell us,

"Take a moment and remember what I said:
If you fail to see me walking right beside you,
It's because I have you in my arms instead,
For together, we will cross the highest mountain,
Together we will face the stormy sea,
You never are alone, you're never helpless!

I'll carry you.
Let go and lean on me."

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Twins Days August 4, 5, 2018 Twinsburg, Ohio

Come and meet Dr. Julian De Lia, the pioneer of laser surgery to treat TTTS, and The TTTS Foundation
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This is a fantastic and easy way to support the fight against TTTS and bring help and hope to families
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World Awareness Day - Dec. 7 2010

TTTS Walk for the babies

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