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Most Important Questions for Parents

Confirm at initial ultrasounds (preferably by 10-16 weeks)

1.  Is the placenta monochorionic?
2.  Are the babies the same gender?
3.  Can you see the dividing membrane?
4.  Is the placenta implanted on the anterior or posterior surface of the womb?
5.  Do the twins’ umbilical cords each have the normal 3 blood vessels, or does one of them have 2 vessels?
6.  Are the umbilical cords fully attached to the placenta?

Questions to ask at weekly ultrasounds (16 weeks to delivery)

7.  What is the largest vertical pocket of amniotic fluid in each baby’s sac?
8.  What is the largest vertical pocket of amniotic fluid in each baby’s sac?
9.  What are the weights of the babies in grams? (every 2-3 weeks)
10.Are the Doppler ultrasound studies normal for both babies?
11.Is the heart of the recipient baby thickened or enlarged?
12.Does the recipient baby have any signs of hydrops?
13.How long is my cervix by ultrasound, and it is showing any signs of funneling or thinning?
14.Is the smaller baby growing at the same rate?
15.What is the fundal height measurement?

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Learn about TAPS- MUST do MCA dopplers on all pregnancies

A form of TTTS, TAPS can occur after laser surgery or during a monochorionic pregnancy with no signs of TTTS or problems.
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Updated List of Questions

Questions to Ask at Every Ultrasound. Ultrasounds Must Be Weekly Starting at 16 Weeks.
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World Awareness Day - Dec. 7 2010

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